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About AirBurst® Technology

AirBurst® Technology was patented in 1996 by William C. Frazier, John R. Jansen, PhD, and Robert W. Taylor PhD.


The genesis for AirBurst® was a project for the City of Madison, Wisconsin. The City did not want to use chemicals or explosives to rehabilitate an eight hundred foot deep, 29” diameter sandstone well. The well was located in a city park and in a residential neighborhood. Using a Bolt Technology 500 cubic inch air gun, with the energy equivalent of one pound of dynamite, the well was restored to full production.


Since that time AirBurst® has dramatically enhanced the production rates for over one thousand water wells throughout the USA, Europe and the UAE.

Fast forward to today, the current owner of AirBurst® is Michael E. Judkins. He is a Graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and Geophysics.  He began his career in the Water Well Market in 1987 with Layne Christiansen as a Project Manager.  Then joined Municipal Well & Pump in 1996 as a Project Engineer.  In 2000 Michael cofounded Water Well Solutions Service Group, Inc. and acted as President until 2014 when the company was acquired by SUEZ (Utility Service Company).  Michael served as Director of the Wells Line of Business for SUEZ, Michael’s responsibilities include the development of the Well Asset Management approach to well maintenance across the United States as well as abroad. In 2020, Michael bought the company back from SUEZ, and it is now known as Water Well Solutions WI & IL, LLC.  Michael has dedicated his career studying and developing well rehabilitation technologies and has developed a vast understanding of the cause of well yield deterioration, as well as techniques to remediate and maintain well performance through unique preventative maintenance measures.


Michael E. Judkins

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