AirBurst® Technology Services

At AirBurst® Technology, we are available to answer your well rehabilitation and development questions and will direct you to the most appropriate method for your situation and location.

Contract services for field application of AirBurst® are available nationwide in those areas not covered by a contractor with an exclusive AirBurst Technology franchise. 

We have undertaken projects from Massachusetts to Hawaii. Projects within twelve driving hours from Wisconsin are most often handled with our trailerized AirBurst®equipment and high pressure air compressor. Beyond that time/distance, we crate the necessary equipment and ship it motor freight to the jobsite or by container to the islands, and fly to the jobsite location. Compressed nitrogen is used for the energy source for the AirBurst® equipment when an air compressor is not available. The nitrogen is typically supplied by the customer. The nitrogen is usually available in cylinder banks containing 6 to 12 cylinders manifolded together.

The investment for AirBurst® contract services varies with the travel distance, well structure and number of wells to be treated. Services are typically available within three weeks of receipt of your purchase order. Emergency service may also be available. Please contact us for a quotation.

We also expertly service all of the AirBurst® equipment that we sell. Most often we can answer questions and solve any issues over the phone.


View of screened wall

Before Airburst
After Airburst